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Below is my collection of hockey players. This is not all of them, but these are the ones I've bothered to make pages for.
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So here’s the thing. If you’re gonna throw a fit over Henrik Lundqvist pouring water on Sidney Crosby’s head, you should probably care at least a little about the fact that Sidney Crosby stabbed another guy in the crotch not fifteen seconds prior. I’ll admit that pouring water on Sid (while decidedly amusing) was not a particularly mature thing for Lundqvist to do - but when Sid’s already behaving like this, it’s pretty hypocritical to claim that the bigger offense was Hank pouring a little water on his head. This here, this spear to Dominic Moore’s unsuspecting junk, this is what started that whole fight in the first place. Sid stabs Dom in the nuts. Dom shoves him in retaliation. Kunitz comes in and decides he needs to punch Dom in the face for shoving Sid. All hell breaks loose. But this is what started it. Henrik Lundqvist didn’t walk up to an innocent, unsuspecting Sidney Crosby and spray water in his face. He dumped a little water on the head of somebody who clearly doesn’t have a problem hitting other guys in the junk with a stick. 

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