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Below is my collection of hockey players. This is not all of them, but these are the ones I've bothered to make pages for.
Hank Cally Carl Derick Chris Jamie Tyler Rick Kari Antoine
" everything is possible when you believe - and we do "

Rick Nash postgame - 10/19

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"Don’t celebrate Halloween, Christians!! It is based in a pagan holiday!"

Boy have I got some news for you concerning Christmas.

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someone find me Bolts, Isles, and Kings fans I can follow who won’t judge me for being a Rangers fan. Also I want fans of teams that no one talks about, I need more variety in my life.

Hey fun facts did you know that impersonating a person or business online can actually get you jail time in New York?

Amy no.

Don’t bring out the kreidong PLS.

there are actually a couple people who got me hooked on the hockey fandom, back before I even knew 99% of the people I’m super close to on here now and they’re ericstaalsmugshot and melodiousb and coincidentally neither one of them are that dude.

Man, do not piss off the hockey fandom. There are literally thousands of us who might gouge each other’s metaphoric eyes out over a hockey team but we pretty much all have in common that we have had it up to here with being bossed around and talked down to by dudes, and do not think for one second that these highly capable and super creative folks will not make a pact amongst themselves to never reblog anything of yours again and run you right out of town if you try to lord your mighty skills over us.