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Below is my collection of hockey players. This is not all of them, but these are the ones I've bothered to make pages for.
Hank Cally Carl Derick Chris Jamie Tyler Rick Kari Antoine
" everything is possible when you believe - and we do "

if your name is John I’m probably gonna call you jonathan at some point even if your name is actually just John sorry that’s just how it is

This goes for Sams and Nicks, too, you’re probably gonna wind up Samuel or Nicholas regardless of what your name really is.

"For the next sixty minutes, forget everything else.
ecause there’s only one thing that matters.
One game, one goal, one gold. This is my game face.” (

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Heyyyyy Danny Kristo good stuff.

are we really still reblogging that Lancaster thing that was shown to be untrue TWO YEARS AGO please guys you are all smarter than this I know you are just take five seconds to google a thing before you “signal boost” something that’s two years old and not true.

and while we’re on that topic maybe google whether that kidnapped child wasn’t ALREADY FOUND SAFE four years ago before somebody sees that post and then goes out and tries to yank somebody’s child away from them because they saw on tumblr that the kid was kidnapped (i doubt that’ll happen but still, wouldn’t you feel better if you knew the kid was safe? Google it and make yourself feel better). Or see if that missing person was maybe found, before you keep spreading their family members’ contact information around the internet. Or…something.

My mother and various church women from back home keep mailing me this article and I am about ready to tear my hair out over here. Stop sending me this. I get it. You have a bizarre objection to pharmaceuticals. There are five “serious side effects” they’re writing about here. Let me just break this down.

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I’m not gonna cry I’m not gonna cry I’m not gonna cry.

it “donned on you” huh. 

does that mean that whatever it was wore you like a hat or something? or that it made you a don, like you’re italian nobility now?

Cam Talbot at the 2014 Rangers Youth Hockey Camp (x)

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